Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Downloading files on your iPhone

I just cannot believe how long its been since a blog post, there are just not enough hours in a day.  Then, when I do pop a post up its nothing to do with forensics, great!

I wondered if you have ever had the issue of browsing on your iPhone when you find just the file you are looking for, perhaps a tar, zip, dmg or some other file type that the iPhone does not let you download but that you don't want to browse away from and risk losing for good.  I've found a simple way to achieve it.

If you download the Dropbox app it becomes a option to 'Open with' when browsing the web.  Simply:-

1.  Browse to the file you want to download

 2.  Select Open in Dropbox from the screen and it will copy the file from the site to your Dropbox box account letting you access it from your computer later.

Its already proving to be very handy indeed. Give it a go.

One other small thing, if you hold down shift on your Mac whilst minimising or maximising a window it does it in cool slowmo!  Who knew!