Tuesday, May 27, 2008

EEE'up its good

A number of us have been working on the new Asus EEE PC 900. If you haven't heard of it, its a small form PC which is still very useable. The new 900 has a 20 gig solid state HD and larger screen than its predecessor. (I've got the black version which I think looks nicer than the 'ipod'esque white one).

The rather cool element to the EEE is the in-built Atheros WIFI chipset which supports monitor mode and packet injection. I'm not going to write a detailed explanation about why this is a good thing but any user of Aircrack-ng, Kismet or other such tools will be delighted.

The default OS is a Xandros Linux environment which is quite cool for day to day browsing use, however you are able to boot from the internal SD slot. With a little fiddling you can install Backtrack on an SD card, make it bootable (check the readme on the Backtrack download) and just by holding down the ESC key at boot time, fire up a full Backtrack environment. I managed to get up and working in about 10 minutes and even had a USB Railink Wifi adapter up and working too. Its tiny size makes it perfect for Wifi activities when out and about and at around £300 quid it would be rude not to!

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