Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Kicking off!

There are lots of computer forensic blogs out on the interweb some superb and others rather less useful. This aspires to be in the latter category. However as I work with, and have the privilege to train some excellent computer forensic professionals both here and abroad, I often hear about some great pieces of research, new tools and other movements within the industry. If appropriate I will try and post them here.

If you tell me about an idea I promise to check with you before I post here and will never name law enforcement persons unless express permission is gained. As you can tell, this is already an exceptionally boring blog.

If you want to contact me (only about computer forensic topics please) please don't hesitate to do so, either via phone, or from the form you can find on the web addresses in the right column.

That'll do for starters

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