Thursday, March 11, 2010

Skypeex - additional comments

I've had some very good feedback about the Skypeex tool and I appreciate all your comments.

One or two have not really seen the point of the tool as there are plenty of Skype log viewers around such as from Nirsoft and Skypr. I will repeat what I posted on the LinkedIn discussion board.

"the Nirsoft tool, and others, are log viewers and this presupposes that you have access to the disk/logs. A covert live acquisition will often just take RAM and other volatile data, RAM may be taken before the plug is pulled only to discover that the disk is Full Disk Encrypted or that the logs are in a Truecrypt container. The user could even be using 'Portable Apps' Skype on a USB key which would mean no log files at all on the disk, however the data could still be in RAM.

This little tool is not meant to be a replacement for the excellent chat log viewers out there but provides a way of getting the data from RAM where circumstances dictate."

I'm working on an improved version where Strings isnt needed and hope to have that sorted in the next couple of weeks.

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