Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Unfit and unblogged!

Im just preparing to release a Skype RAM carver written in Python and I thought that my blog would be the best place to put it. However, I just checked it to make sure I remembered how to log in and noticed that my last blog was in Oct. This is a coincidence as Oct was the last time I went for a run! I was thinking that there was no correlation but actually, moving house, traveling all over the place and a very busy work 6 months has contributed to both.

Yesterday I went out with my lad and ran for 2.5 miles, including loads of up hill and was pretty surprised at my retained fitness, which is good, however my blogging looks in much worse shape.

It doesn't help that the eponymous Happy Monkey is regularly blogging fabulously funny and insightful ditties that anything I do will be put to shame. However, watch this space for a free, and rather cool, Skype Chat RAM Carver.

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